Over the years, Three Humps Music have supported church and community groups in many ways in UK and into Europe...

Some might describe this as the consultancy arm.  THM is simply helping.  Examples range from civic occasions, disability and drugs action to helping organising city-wide conferences and charity fund-raising concerts.  THM actively supports you in equipping and nurturing you and your local Church - as part of your community.

THM's roots are found in leading and authoring worship songs and services.  Whatever your needs, we've been delighted to help; we aim to help you to stand on your own feet.  As well as this loose diary, visit our Contracts and Covenants to see how much we do for free.  This diary sheet lists a few examples going back to our beginnings.

Date Where Smile!
2018RaveninghamStewkers Experimental: leading music in worship for God-daughter's wedding
2014, 2015The CloughMessy Church
2014, 2015 & 2016Sutton BridgeSupporting Tap Roots ecumenical celebration
2013The CloughMessy Church
June 2013LincolnMessy Church workshop; sadly the regional coordinator was unavailable
2012The CloughMessy Church
September 2012Pinchbeck BaptistChurch sound system installation, again performed at true cost
August 2012Sempringham Songs of Praise-style service, with thanks to folk at St George's, Stamford, for power; no electricity in Saxon times... 
Autumn 2011WhaplodeChurch sound system consultancy continues, exploring alternative uses for the chime and siren button on the channel dipping amp used by some; another completed for 10% of another supplier's quotation
September 2011SpaldingSchool harvest festival with a sky-hooks version of the big sheet projector screen
Autumn 2011QuadringMessy Church
November 2010  Harrogate 
AV supporting the Anglican Diocesan Education Team at their Rudding Park Conference with Rt Rev David Rossdale, Dr Rob Gwynne, Zephaniah Trust and more
November 2010 Spalding  
St Paul's fashion show
November 2010 Harrogate
Supporting the Seriously Funny tour at Harrogate with Adrian Plass & Jeff Lucas and singer songwriter Nicki Rogers
Summer 2010WebDescription of how much someone had enjoyed a time of worship; when asked what God had thought of it, they replied 'I didn't think to ask'.  
May 2010 Spalding   St Paul's flower festival 
May 2010 Harrogate
Cabaret worship for Pentecost, along with the CMS SAMS Community celebrations; AV and sound for Aidan's Flame and others.
May 2010  Spalding  Hustings
Lent 2010 Spalding  AV supporting CTSD Lent Lectures
Spring 2010FulneyChurch sound system consultancy resolving crackle with a new cable, £7, plus new lectern mic and sundries; completed for 10% of another supplier's quotation (the church had received a quote for £4,000 to rip out the previous system)
August 2009 Lincolnshire THM kit for Scripture Union J Zone camp
June 2009 Harrogate THM PA for MIDAS: St Aidan's & St John Fisher lower sixth conference
May 2009 Harrogate THM projector supporting CTH and CHT AGMs 
April 2009 Harrogate THM kit for Aidan's Flame leading the St George's Day service at Christ Church
April 2009 Harewood House Caravan Club Easter Day service with Bob, camel and homily on God's re-creation coupled with CTH, with collection for Caring for Life
April 2009 Harrogate PA support for Rev Dr Mark Stibbe and team Sarah & Helen for Father's Heart conference
March 2009 Harrogate    AV supporting the Anglican Diocesan Education Team at their Rudding Park Conference with David Whittington, Gareth Dawkins, Bryan Mason, Sarah Fishwick and author GP Taylor
January 2009 Ripon
Sound for Aidan's Flame and musicians at Ripon Cathedral for Education Sunday
January 2009 Knaresborough
Bakers own Band supporting the Chuckwagon fundraising evening for
December 2008 Christmas News snippets from the Baker family
October 2008 Harrogate Half Century Musical Cabaret evening
October 2008 Yorkshire St Aidan's at the Pavilions & Aidan's Flame at Birstwith
July 2008 Lincolnshire THM kit for Scripture Union J Zone camp
June 2008 Yorkshire St Aidan's & St John Fisher lower sixth conference: PA and sound engineering
Jan 2008 Yorkshire Supporting the Worship in Schools conference
2007 Christmas News snippets from the Baker family
Nov 2007 Yorkshire Supporting the Anglican Diocesan Education Team at their Rudding Park Conference
July 2007 Lincolnshire THM kit for Scripture Union J Zone camp
April 2007 Tyneside, Yorkshire Phoenix recording at Broadwater Studios
2006 Christmas Answers to the family Christmas Quiz now available
2006, various Yorkshire PA and sound engineering for school worship band
August 2006 Harrogate PA for summer Youth Music Café
15 July 2006 Yorkshire Fund raising gig for Burton Leonard church with Sophie & Matthew
9 July 2006 Harrogate AV for United Gigs World Cup party
March 2006 Yorkshire Supporting the Anglican Diocesan Education Team at their Rudding Park Conference
February 2006 Darley Supporting 'Pray without ceasing' at Darley Methodist chapel
January 2006 Harrogate Supporting Pannal & Beckwithshaw united service at Ashville College
2005 Christmas Answers to the family Christmas Quiz
Nov 2005 Yorkshire Trustee to Harrogate Youth for Christ
Oct 2005 Harrogate Humph appointed secretary to Church House Trust (Stepped down in May 2008)
Sept 2005 Harrogate Matthew's band Breaking-Point plays HYPeR with Steel Machine
2005 Burton Leonard Friendships renewed
April 2005 Harrogate Supporting Care at the RCN congress. 
2004 Christmas Answers to the family Christmas Quiz now available
2004 Harrogate Helping the new band Breaking-Point getting started
2004 Wydale Arranging room service at a small conference
2004 Yorkshire Supporting Care at the RCN congress in Harrogate
2003 Yorkshire PA system and Audio visual upgrades for various churches - advice, recommendations and quotes
June 2003 Harrogate Invited to support church Music Director with new orchestra.
2003 Yorkshire Supporting Care at the RCN congress in Harrogate
2003 Yorkshire Join the United Gigs team
February 2003 North Yorkshire Supporting Churches Together in Harrogate: website upgraded, covering much of North Yorkshire. The website is seeker/customer friendly, defining churches by Radio station rather than churchmanship.
December 2002 Harrogate Various Christmas events from the local Girl Guides, training on powerpoint to Advent discussion evenings
August 2002 France The Baker bus tours Cornwall and France - first recuperation break after retiring from Abbey Nat.  All five plus Bryn.dog enjoy much needed rest.
July 2002 Nidderdale It just happened that way.... how did all those folks choose to be so honest and loving about their church issues - and sort them out? A CCCF weekend rally problem solving exercise goes better than anyone imagined.
April 2002 Harrogate Bryn Haworth Worship Seminars and evening Concert
December 2001 North Yorkshire Community Christmas service - responding to the needs of the shopkeepers and wider community
September 2001 Netherlands Working with the local church musicians at a renewal conference at Mennorode; synergy and humility.
April 2001 Easter events, North Yorkshire Helpers drawn, by local visionary family, from several villages to give many youngsters a hands-on part in looking at the Easter events
May 2000 Millennium Civic Celebration An opportunity received to integrate a large Christian celebration  at the heart of the local "party in the park"
Easter 1997 Ripon, North Yorkshire New band nurtured in 100 days along with new drama group and three dance troupes to present Christ is Risen (LMM); the young new drummer only bought his drum kit on Easter Saturday!
September 1995 Cardiff Alive Contemporary guitarist expected to provide a classical piece.... sang Ps 20 (LMM) direct from the NIV in the pew.  Sensitivity to ensure all in fear of a guitar truly experienced intimacy through a modern version of the Psalm
1990s Ripon area Circuit Youth fellowships, CYFA groups, skiing (with people who knew how to ski...)
1990 THM Four Arrows devised as a visual aid to help choose worship songs
1988 onwards Ripon St Wilfrid's processions.  First rendition of 'To God be the Glory' in 4/4
1987 Family grows Poesy+, then Sophie (1989), Matthew (1991) and Andy (1993)
November 1986 Harrogate Invited to lead the spontaneous free worship at the town's Festival of Praise, Harrogate International Centre.  Songlist to be finalised none months in advance....
1986-8 North England Various Methodist missions - Bishop Monkton and the North East of England
1986 Burton Leonard First invited to lead 'the middle two' songs at Burton Leonard family services.  Organist Stephen Hornsey accompanies.
May 1984 Ripon cathedral Allison Boase marries Humph Baker and moves to Harrogate.  Guitar class play at the wedding.
1981 Harrogate Fledgling music group at St Mark's church introduce new songs
1980s Yorkshire Guitar masterclasses (so-called by many budding musicians)
Late 70's Cumbria, Yorkshire Accompanying Fr Humphrey Whistler CR on Easter Missions to Bilbrough, Grimethorpe, Great Salkeld, as musician and chauffeur.
1977 Harrogate Geoff and Margaret Hart (string bass and flute) welcome young Humph to St Luke's worship group.
1976 (?) East Yorkshire BBC Radio Humberside morning service led by Rev David F Johnson, vicar of Allerthorpe, Melbourne and Thornton
1980 Malvern Children's camp with CMS, Rev Colin & Betty Sneyd; life-long friendship started with Donald (and Carolyn) Page.
1979 Norfolk Wandering Minstrels troupe with CMS
1976 Newquay Beach Mission with CMS
October 1973 Allerthorpe Fellowship group loses leaders/musicians Phil and Marion Moore (as the work at St Cuthebrt's, York, grows). First started to play guitar at Allerthorpe vicarage with David & Jane Johnson and their family: Mark, Jim, Kate, Bill and Judith. 'Come into his presence singing Alleluia'*
1973 Norfolk Broads First introduction to folk music as worship by John Drowley on CMS Norfolk Braods sailing camp
1967 Harrogate First solo: Once in Royal David's city, at St Mark's church.
1967 Ballydehob Singing in Gaellic in the local school; from acorns, trees do grow