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Camping Trailer

The Baker family's multi-purpose two berth camping vehicle, designed and converted in 2008.  See also the Evalia camper and Esta pages

Camping Trailer

Lift out seating, kitchen and toilet compartment has been developed using a covered box or van trailer. This example is based on a Barbot Cargo 27 with polyester roof and front panel, reinforced heat galvanised chassis, plywood floor and sides with double-sided coating. The factory fitted inside light runs off the side lamp circuit when attached to the towcar; the original trailer also benefits from two caravan-style wind down rear stabilising jacks.
The base trailer is rated at 500kg from the factory; the camping units add around 100 kg and the trailer has a GVW of 900kg. With an overall height of less than two metres, this trailer is in Classe 1 on French autoroutes.

Measuring internally 8' 11½" long, 5' high and 5' wide, the trailer has its 'caravan' framework struts bolted through the side walls. The external height is less than 2 metres. The bed, kitchen and toilet compartment units are all mounted using slide off hinges, allowing the trailer to also be used for moving the sofa. A small window on each side provides daylight and ventilation and the full width barn doors offer a patio door feel.

This picture illustrates the opening near side settee berth (click image to animate). It opens in the usual way as a caravan bed box allowing some six feet of storage space.

The seat unit can also be folded up against the side wall - or, indeed, removed entirely.

A small marine standard window is fitted to the rear on each side for ventilation and light. Two 12V fluorescent strip lights provide off-mains lighting.

The offside settee/berth includes a table, stored as a flip out unit under the seat base.  The backrest cushion matches the main seat cushion length and can be moved to allow the table to be flipped out (click to animate).

The table serves as an extension to the kitchenette; it can then be slide out from the wall and extended to double its length (click to animate).

The seating is split in two sections; this allows six to still be seated even with the table in use.

Fitted to the rear offside is a pair of 12V sockets, a pair of waterproof mains sockets, mains lighting with two-way switch, 150W invertor, fire extinguisher and winding handle, along with a tyre sealant.
The mains supply and consumer unit are easily removed. A removable high level water tank provides an electricity-free water supply.

Mains electricity is connected with IEC sockets and plugs allowing the use of a removable trip switch; a 12V supply powers two fluorescent strip lights and a 12V socket with battery state LEDs. A battery trickle charger is fitted. Waterproof mains sockets are found at the kitchen and door; mains lighting is via three low wattage spot lamps.
All wiring is concealed behind the wall battens. Pipe work for drains and gas is unseen within the kitchen unit, with only the cold water supply visible, running at floor level from the kitchen and then up behind the 'toilet compartment door'. There is space for a removable porta-potti style wc; this pic shows the seating folded away.

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