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Drawing on what worked well in the Evalia, our Trafic-based camper has proven to be a very spacious, comfortable five seater MPV/estate - sleeping two - with a vast boot.

Following on from the Estafette (1959 - 1980/86), this third generation Renault Trafic sports a bi-turbo Euro 6 engine and returns around 45mpg - rather more economical and progressive than its forebear.

The individual front seats remain without swivels; their recline facility tips forwards (as in a two-door car) allowing the left side to create an impromptu backrest for the buddy seat/loo box.  Tipping the right side gives space for the kitchen extension flap to be raised.  
The mark IV flip-out kitchen includes a towel rail, akin to the rail on an Aga/Rayburn.  A small jump seat insert fits between the kitchen unit and toilet box - over the compressor cool box - offering a fifth seat when stationary.

The Reimo roof was ably fitted locally and has transformed the vehicle - more space, smarter lines, fresh air...

A ply-line effect box in the boot includes a slatted top for the bed.

A flip-up panel creates a blackout for night time sleeping.  Two hinged doors add to the homage of the original Estafette (and H van - and the tailgated-Renault Master), complete with a lozenge cut out.  

Pelmets are fitted using existing securing points in the vehicle, ensuring that all conversion elements are fitted without making any holes nor damaging the original vehicle.

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