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Ecumenical Matters

April spoofs, including the Traffic Congestion on Skipton Road and its 'unretouched photograph'
Secretarial reports given to the CTH AGM from 2003 to 2009
Preparing for change some of the ethos and background that appears to have helped things along with CTH 2002-9
No need to remove the pews to see revival, no need to change a name to see change; a blog of gathered suggestions on ways to improve and develop a ministry - rather than change a constitution.  No need to force unity, unlike rhubarb!  Also some notes on organic unity.
Wydale I Through a Glass Darkly; Harrogate church leaders conference, 2004
Wydale II Then we shall see; Harrogate church leaders conference, 2008
With all due gratitude to C4 for the 'Ecumenical Matter' sound wave attached
Humph Baker,
20 Nov 2009, 08:28
Humph Baker,
19 Apr 2009, 11:05