Bryn was born on 23 July 1997; his mum was an English setter, but sadly we know nothing of his absent father, a border collie.   Bryn was therefore both loopy and mad about sheep.

He enjoyed twelve years of walks, hugs, pointing out the hiding position of cats and squirrels and responding to (and occassionally howling at) the single telephone ring announcing the return of one of the family to home.  He adored finding hidden biscuits (on the door jam, perching half way up the stairs - usually accompanied by a generous spill of drool - or under a rug) and he was such a sociable and adorable member of the Baker family.

As the family moved to Millside (pictured above right), Bryn enjoyed a radical new life of freedom in a large garden with squirrels and neighbouring dogs (Bella, Molly & Jenny) and a local cat by the name of Chivers. After a short illness, Bryn was laid to rest on 2 September 2009.

This picture shows Bryn in his usual greeting place on the stairs at Bakers' Dozen, often slobbering over visitors and waiting for a biscuit (placed on the door lintel).  Sophie had just returned from Australia...
His love of squirrels is being celebrated with this little one, keeping watch next to the yew.

Bryn had several email addresses over the years.  Read about his appearance on the BBC Radio 4 website feature on dog's names - the editor's blog is a delight (copied below).

Ceri Thomas' dog blog:
It was e-mail number 1,226 on the same topic which finally did it for me. 
The other 1,225 had pictures attached (dogs in prams, dogs in clothes) but this one contained a new feature: a link to the dog's own website. Our fault of course - we were doing an item about dogs' names and we'd asked for photographs - but the size of the response was still surprising, almost shocking. Have you really (dear listener) been poised next to your laptop all these years, digital camera at the ready, just waiting for the moment when you could give Thompson the Chocolate Labrador or Colin the Spinoni their fifteen minutes? That's the way it looks....'s script:
When organising a concert for the youth of Harrogate we ended up with our dog - an English setter collie cross called Bryn - making the arrangements with the management company 'Top Dog Promotions'. Bryn regularly walks with a local pastor's dog called Dibley (there are many hounds named after the sitcom, apparently); their friends include Tara, Murphy, Ruby and Declan in the woods here in Harrogate.
The photograph shows our large dog in my arms in the north porch of Hereford cathedral; the sign says that 'while guide and hearing dogs are welcome, other dogs must be carried.
Yours Bryn the dog Humph and crew