Christmas 2007

Welcome... no quiz this year, just some snippets of news, including some offered by Sophie:

This year I have put up the Christmas fibre optic tree without breaking anything.  I have become a cobbler, albeit with gaffa tape round the holes in my shoes.  I dressed up as a chicken for Children in Need...
Good thing she passed her driving test – someone else to drive her agèd dad home after a night on the spin.  Sophie, with friends Vicky & Emily are “Phoenix”; sales of their CD are expected to raise £2,000 soon to help new and young musicians at school.  Tracks were available on  Sixth form continues nicely, looking to read Maths.

Matthew was chauffeured by Sophie to the SU JZone camp looking after millions of fabulous kids for a summer's week; the rest of us followed at a close distance because neither could read the map.  As well as eight grades of drums – including playing his home-made double width illuminated snare – Matthew is part of the well behaved baritone line in St Aidan's Chamber Choir.  ‘A' levels in English, PE, RS & Psychology in 2009.

Andy understands three new words: 00 trains and 009 trains.  Is there a GCSE in DCC digital train control?  He sings a gruff bass mixed with out-of-control tenor, just to confuse the choir master at Christ Church (and we now have a priestly vacancy – no link).

The garden has come into its own after Allison's 10 years hard work clearing up after the dog.  Our oak trees are doing well, now measuring 43cm high; we're worried that they're becoming pot-bound.

We've enjoyed a mad lunch visit from the BBC SoP producer (broadcasts on 3 Feb & 6 April).  Filming kicks off the WPCU in Harrogate; also a unique “ Worship in Schools ” day planned for 19 January with YFriday and Sion.  After spending a week or two organising for that nice Mr Kendrick at the Harrogate Conference Centre, this little project will give Humph something to do after Christmas.

A delight to sojourn on the Côte Granit Rosé with the warm generosity of good friends.  Next to the beach!  Sophie sailed with François and family in their yacht across a bit of La Manche.

We were delighted to hear how a local church council met in the summer and agreed never to complain any more.  Progress!  And, because it's oft quoted that ‘you can find it on the Churches Together website', one wise lad searched for “Fr Ted Crilly”.  Release due in 2008.

And.. our apologies about the Christmas card. has had more cards than ever this year so he asked if he could send some himself.

Somerset , Devon or Hampshire?  Answers on a postcard or by E.