Christmas 2009

Slowly moving...

We're on the move - slowly.  Sophie started years of Mathematics at Sheffield university this autumn after her gap year working in St Aidan's with the wonderful staff and students in 'Food Tech'; Matthew nearly followed her but changed course and is working his gap year, again back at school.  Following the steps of many wise and generous hearted folk into the Music Department, he's exploring a degree in music management.  Andy managed good grades at GCSE and has begun his sixth form with English, Business and Design.

In May, Humph stepped down from many years as the Honorary Secretary to Churches Together in Harrogate; the role became the Marketing Department of the wider church, working closely with 40 churches and with links to 30 more in the area.  To make life easier for many, the change was described as an opportunity to improve and develop the work. There's more of the story on the changes and developments on this website.

Why the house move?  Like those who struggle with debilitating health and a pension, the need to clear a mortgage and find somewhere easier on ageing bodies, we have been searching for some tranquillity mid way between our generation in the wider family. Explorations suggested a home around two hours from North Yorkshire (!), East Anglia (!) and the South West (!!).  Landing at Millside was slightly left of centre (looking south), but surprised us in myriad ways.  There's more on Millside within these pages.

After nearly twelve years at 'Baker's Dozen' (t'was #12 but the car registration was 13), we're about to put up a 'For Sale' sign.  We''re looking for temporary accommodation in Harrogate for Alli, Matt & Andy while they continue at work and with A levels.  Suggestions, as ever, most welcome.

So to Millside, South Holland, The Fens.  We'd hoped for a little four-square bungalow down a farm track with a large garden overlooking farmland and somewhere for our baby oak trees.  We were hoping to find ways of supporting the local community and find a quiet country church - we hold the people of Burton Leonard close to our hearts.  We were looking forward to meeting cheery new neighbours; we hoped to do a little decorating and re-plumbing to help save the planet.  Bonuses would include space to lay out a Labyrinth, a music room, an orchard...  Well, so far, ticks in every box!

The garden was a release for; space to wander, squirrels to watch on the walnut tree; sadly, he made it to his twelfth birthday and is now buried near a yew tree, in direct view of our neighbour's adorable Labrador and Jack Russells.  He's very sorely missed indeed.

So to 2010: an English Heritage grant for a large part of the £500,000 needed to restore St Paul's church here.  Some AS levels, a university place to secure and a pad for three.  And more, for sure.