Christmas 2010

Slowly moving? Yes we have, almost.  Nearly.  Truly.  Everywhere, too...

Sophie is involved in Sheffield as well as doing clever sums at university; five string bass, vocals and kid’s church at Philly was topped off with another summer at the SU J-Zone camp (2007 Youtube) and a fortnight building a pigsty in Romania.  Of course she squealed - and the pigs squealed.

Matthew opens up the week on FlyFm student radio in Nottingham while not studying English and Philosophy and continues to make music and engineer sound.  Earplugs always in use.  Percussion for many bands including Shrinking Violets (r) 

Andrew shows some determination to achieve the grades at A level.  Miracles continue, then.  The third Baker in St Aidan’s Chamber Choir, he, too, is getting used to BBC Songs of Praise production teams.

Allison has added re-pressurising central heating systems to her skillset.  The damson tree at Millside bore more than double the fruit this year and the walnut tree finds its nuts into stuffings.  When Andrew completes his A levels in July 2011, we will be re-united and finally move from Harrogate.

Sophie and Allison celebrated 71 birthday years together with a ceilidh in September; so very good to see how young everyone was… “And, for the last dance, please sit it out if you have a medical condition or you have an instrument!”  A cheery evening made special by those fabulous inspiring folk who came along.

Of all the things we’d never wanted to do, raising £½m for a church roof was, umm, top.  So we’re all the more grateful to those trustees who have been so generous and mean that the work to replace unique cast iron gutters and the roof at St Paul's began this autumn.  Not an easy project when often 120 miles away; Humph continues to overdo it, just a little.

So the decoration at Millside takes a back seat.  We’re proud of the heating system, though: one multi-fuel stove, one home-made injector T and we have copious hot water plus three radiators all from a couple of logs - and no electricity.  The plumbers said it couldn’t be done, so we laid our own hands on it!  It’s designed to be air-bubble free, so we’ve not had to bleed the system.  Saves looking for that radiator key, too…