Christmas 2016

The joy of growing families... With Sophie and Tim settling into an exciting first year together came the joy of Tim's sister, Jenny, marrying Sam with a fabulous celebration in York at St Mike's. T'was more than a delight to catch up with everyone - and again at North Berwick in the summer.

Tears of sadness and joy marked the year; saying farewell to Martin hurt to the core; sad to hear of Jean's passing - rejoicing in the sure knowledge of their faith and hope - and again for Vivienne. Always a joy to see Mike and Pam, to catch up with Gwen, Cynthia, David & Jane and Marion. Weekend celebrations seem to be the growing norm: many congratulations to Pete & Elaine - and a joy indeed to meet those who have been special to them and who have been inspired by their love and lives together.

Andrew has enjoyed being stretched helping out at a local school; Matthew starts a new role in Manchester in the new year and Sophie's career continues happily onward. Allison commutes to a couple of schools on her bicycle most days and Humph produced a brochure collating Christmas services.

Esta, a nod to the 1959 predecessor of the Renault Trafic, has toured parts of Scotland in the summer and cruised rather comfortably to Montbrison pour le mariage en hiver. There's an opening for a cabinet maker to further improve the 'Mark IV' version of our space-saving, pop-up kitchen.

The front garden at Millside has been transformed with diamond squares dedicated to various plants.  The soil is so good here!  Andrew has been propagating and rescuing plants on the brink.  The walnut tree has fruited well this year - although most have found new homes leaving our larder bare.  The Bramley seedlings have been most generous, too, giving Andrew the opportunity to create Eve's puddings as well as many crumbles.

So to a new year; new seasons for many.