Christmas 2017

It has taken us forty years to follow in the footsteps of grandad Harry - so dearly loved and long missed; we visited the Isle of Skye and found some of those fabulous peat Canisbay wine glasses
*.  Did we get close to his heartbeat?  Is the Old Man closer to heaven, drinking in the peace?  It’s no wonder he & Gwen were wowed – we were welcomed so generously as they would have been, I guess.

Sophie's doing rather well as a senior statistical officer, only eclipsed by helping Tim to join the team and they walk into the local office in Sheffield together.  Unless they're in Whitehall or been sent to Coventry…

Matthew found himself working for Andy Burnham's multi-discipline communications team on a secondment in the summer.

Andrew completed a couple of years' helping out at the special school on Fridays only to be welcomed into the world of remuneration being introduced to the legal complexities of life.  He's upgraded his bicycle and bought a pair of L plates.

Allison continues to cycle in to both schools and has offered secretarial support to one of the local CT groups. The occasional Ad Hoc choir in the Sempringham group sang at Easter and Christmas (Gaudete below); Andrew reprised the rich inheritance from St Aidan's chamber choir days, Allison joined Anna on wind, and a surprise was found in verse 3.

So to our time in Skye; perhaps this panoramic view reflects the promise seen in the rainbow while dark clouds moved on over Greshornish.

We've shed more than a tear of sadness with those who weep, all the while rejoicing at having been blessed by ['cousin'] Mike M, Sheila, Steve R, Jean H, Vivienne, Doreen, Bob, Viv and most dearly loved Jane.  (This bowl, right, was given by David & Jane some 33 years ago.)  The depth of love, kindness and generosity seen in these dearest of precious friends inspires and compels us to live life more generously, more kindly and overflowing with love – perhaps even with the love that passes understanding.  Who deserves to be welcomed and accepted so freely?  We're grateful, so grateful for each and every one - and their families.

Each new year brings hope; 2018 opens new doors & opportunities. Looking forward with friends old & new

* yep, we're collecting Caithness Canisbay in peat & heather

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Humph Baker,
25 Dec 2017, 00:24