Christmas 2017

Initial thoughts awaiting a little more

How come it has taken us forty years to follow in the footsteps of Harry - so dearly loved and as much missed.  By visiting the Isle of Skye and finding some of those fabulous peat Canisbay wine glasses, did we get close to his heartbeat?  Climbing the Old Man and drinking in the peace?  Being welcomed so generously - as he would have done?

Far more than weeping selfishly deep within your soul, we've shed more than a tear of sadness with those who weep while rejoicing at having been blessed by Mike, Steve, Jane...

Sophie's doing rather well as a senior statistical officer, only eclipsed by helping Tim to join the team and they walk into the local office in Sheffield together.  Unless they're in Whitehall or been sent to Coventry.

Matthew found himself working for Andy Burnham's multi-discipline communications team on a secondment in the summer.

Andrew completed a couple of years' helping out at the special school on Fridays only to be welcomed into the world of remuneration being introduced to the legal complexities of life.  He's upgraded his bicycle and bought a pair of L plates.

Allison continues to cycle in to both schools and has offered secretarial support to one of the local CT groups.  Our time in Skye, though, was transforming.  This view offers the joy and light of a brilliant sunset - reflecting the promise seen in the rainbow while dark clouds moved on over Greshornish.

More anon...