Christmas 2019

Our greetings this Christmas; so much to say and too little time or space to say it.  Has it been a year for asking challenging questions or is it more loving, kind and wise to hold back because the query might be too tough for some and they’ll end up having to be less than ... candid?  Then again, some issues are about more than just self-interest; we joined the march into the big smoke and were surprised by how peaceful it was.

Saying farewell to Janet (HHS) and to John (Ad Hoc) brought tears alongside gratitude for knowing such generous souls.  Folk who made a difference for so many others; their inheritance lives on through those they inspired.
Tim & Sophie went long haul to a land where the pastors need bodyguards for speaking out; Matthew, Hannah & Georgia kept themselves to themselves and Andrew has grown in wisdom and understanding.  It looks like we’re needing a bigger greenhouse for all of his plant collection.
Esta has enjoyed various trips out and about, notably visiting Llangrannog; we missed the larger stone circle and Bible Joe, though.  Touring from East to West, we were at one stage just 451 miles from Ardnamurchan Point and at other times we were whisked back hundreds of years; we loved the way they housed their fire extinguishers…

Sometimes it takes a bit more than a moment to find the meaning of a song.  One of the many joys this year has been to visit Grappenhall and hear and sense the story of the Rag for ourselves.  T’was good to catch up with friends old and new.

We’ve been wondering what to do with the growing pile of uncollected presents.  Suggestions welcome; would homeless shelters or foodbanks be grateful?  Good to see local churches raising funds for their social outreach.  And the job of promoting what everyone else is doing continues; this year’s brochure of Christmas services has grown, again

Our love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year