Fiftieth Cabaret

Half Centenary Cabaret

An unusual evening of music and performance from the floor - with the excuse of a fiftieth birthday due soon... Thank you to all for contributing to Saturday 18 October 2008 at Christ Church, HG1 4SW.

We asked for musical gifts and talents only; Brian brought Grieg, Mark sang from Stilgoe, Chris spotted a seagull and Pete reflected on candles. Stephen blew, Sophie wrapped the cutlery, Matt was gracious on two drums along with Tom - who also loves to adjust lights. Jackie didn't tremble, Nicholas was stirred, Charles and Sue created whilst Alli and Andrew cleared. Anne travelled from afar and others contributed just by being there. And Jimmy laughed deeply when the bass player was flummoxed! Three figures were sent to support musicians working in prisons.
Next time ... or two we'll have more than just a little stage with a couple of drum kits, piano and small PA system with vocalist mics.
Thanks to Christ Church for the use of their facilities; also to St Aidan's for their musicians and lights, Harrogate YfC for the fresnel lens lamps and Three Humps Music for AV and PA.
Matthew collated the ‘set list';  Sophie laminated dietary peculiarities;  absolutely no camels were harmed in the production of the evening.
Andy welcomed offers to help clean up; thank you to so many especially Philip and Sarah - not just for taking all the rubbish left over

Everything was packed away in the Barbot trailer; indeed it does sleep two, but not at the same time as two drum kits! More info and images availableAnd finally - thank you to all for bringing a bottle. What shall we bring next time?

Bryn missed out, but did enjoy a couple of baked potatoes in one of the twelve baskets left

Apologies or excuses received by Allison; we missed Paul & Elli, a load of Herberts and Bath Bakers, and many beautiful peoples from great distances away.
We're so very grateful to Ann Drysdale for permission to read from Sow's Ears and Silk Purses, especially page 118. 18 October would have been Humph's dad's 82nd birthday - a coincidence worth spending these moments in grateful reflection. He truly wore sandals everywhere, even to his eldest son's wedding, complete with Moss Bross top hat and tails. It was part of his nature; as the sign in York University bookshop said: "Never trust any representatives, especially Harry Baker, the most honey-mouthed of the lot".


Harry Baker, and again with Gwen