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Is it a Labyrinth? Is it a maze? In September 2009, it was simply a pile of stones in the garden at Millside. It measures around four metres in diameter. First mapped out on the left, seen 'filled in' on the right and now awaiting its chamomile lawn.
With interest in Labyrinths from all over, especially to CTH following a feature on BBC Songs of Praise in February 2008, this small offering provides space for contemplation, prayer and meditation - or simply to enjoy the peace.  More as the chamomile starts to sprout.  In the meantime, here's a link or three and an extract from the ecumenical labyrinth bought with a little help from us for Harrogate in July 2007. 

What is a Labyrinth?
The Labyrinth has been described as a symbolic journey towards an encounter with God. Walking a Labyrinth takes time, time to reflect and meditate on your relationship with God and your neighbour, how your heavenly Father welcomes and loves you, forgives and comforts you as well as how he can challenge and change you.

Labyrinths on the web:
Various web links for Labyrinths, ranging from the on-line Labyrinth to manufacturers and users.

Labyrinth on-line Labyrinth, sponsored by YfC and the London alternative worship groups Grace, LOPE, and Epicentre of 2001-2003

Labyrinth Society and permanent labyrinth locator

Labyrinth Society Education pages how to become a trained Labyrinth Facilitator; Rev Lauren Atress leads Labyrinth classes and facilitator training having made the Labyrinth her life's work. Classes are held across the US, with a few each year in Chartres, France.

The Labyrinth Company - based in Baltimore, Maryland, supplier of the Harrogate Labyrinth

Labyrinth Enterprises, St Louis, the work of Robert Ferré

Labyrinthing, Hampstead, London; Sarah Harrison and Eileen Wiggins; many weblinks

Jo Edkins Maze Page, Cambridgeshire, includes an economical version - with a piece of chalk - as well as the Maze at the church of St Helena and St Mary, Bourn (/ACNY) (Map)

John Davies, Liverpool; "notes from a small curate"

Labyrinth Society and permanent labyrinth locator

Chartres Cathedral (diocesan webpage) and Chartres Cathedral restoration appeal

Let a labyrinth become for you a place of prayer and holy encounter; 'slip off your shoes and leave your doubts outside...' (John Pantry). See also Exodus 3 v5 and Acts 7 v33

The slide show attached below is part of a creation for Christ Church, Harrogate's 'Worship in Stillness'

Humph Baker,
20 Oct 2009, 14:57