Wedding Pictures

As the hands of the clock on the west end of Ripon cathedral moved through two o'clock on Saturday, 12 May 1984, Jim Hart fanfared on the pipe organ and Allison, accompanied by her father, David Boase, and her bridesmaid Alison Boase (née Rowland), cheered those gathered and overflowing the choir of the cathedral. Rev Chris Lane, curate at St Luke's, Beeston (then St Andrew's, Chorleywood; from 1988: St Alban's Vineyard), led the service with the support of Canon Ronnie McFadden and Rev David Johnson.
Hymns of praise - Crown him with many crowns, Now thank we and Thine be the glory - were enriched with contemporary songs led by Paul Corbett, some written by the happy couple; a guitar masterclass of Jane Drabble, Margaret Claridge and Stuart Frier were joined by Pam Macnaughton (née Richardson) and conducted by Peter Warry.
These pictures include a set of six brothers - some half, some step and others in-law, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.