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 So what d'ya call a camel with three humps?
It all started in 1972....  We're grateful to that friend, whoever you were, for giving birth to the pen-name "Humphrey".   Humph then met a monk from the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield, West Yorkshire UK.  His name: Fr Humphrey Whistler CR (1905 - 1980); a gentle Pied Piper who attracted and nourished many.  Fr Humphrey & our Humph worked together on many occasions.

In those days the Butterfly Song was new and popular as a way of enjoying learning about God's love for us; by the end of the twentieth century songs appeared about Ants, Sheep & Goats and even the famous Centipede Song.  But has anyone written a Christian song about the camel?

Our home-grown songs include The Dung Song and Put down your arms as well as completing Thine be the Glory with a verse based on the cross; more on our Lyrics page.

Of course, a camel with no humps at all .... is a Hump-free.  You'll never hear that one again.  Thank you to those who suggest that a camel with four humps is a Saudi Quattro.

You may recognise the substantial experiences, teaching or theology of folk like Haggard, Joyner, Warren and Wimber in addition to the monastical within this website.  THM isn't concerned about the churchmanship of the congregation, only the relationship each member and the corporate body has with their heavenly Father.  Some of us have no problem chanting Evensong - enjoying its immense strengths, especially when lead by those who truly want to help the congregation join in.   Whatever happened to the Northern Anglo-Catholic Renewal group?!

Pic gallery of Humph's family available via the year by Christmas snippets and other Family Ventures pages.
Links about camels, with or without three humps

"How the Camel Got His Hump" by Rudyard Kipling

Alice the camel, also known as Sally the camel or Alison's camel with the infamous last line: Alice's camel is a horse, of course (but isn't a camel with no humps a ... "hump-free"?)