These pages on Growing provide some of the reasoning and inspiration for the way we live and work.

The answer to the question: "How can we improve our worship" is answered simply: "Love God and love your neighbour as yourself". §  These pages of quizzes and exercises are there to help make it happen.

361° More than simple 360° feedback; an opportunity to take your group higher 
Four Arrows  Pictoral symbols to help choose the best hymns and songs for the moment; the worship leader's Graphical User Interface
Why are we here?  What's the point of a Mission Statement anyway?
What is the foundation?  Why is it so important?
Leadership Styles:  recognising the manipulator and anointing the enabler
Pulse-check to help you keep your choir, music group or worship band on track.
Many have improved the way their Charitable and Voluntary Groups work together by using our
ready reckoner.
What is worship? A quick discussion starter.
Worship leading
  A simple selection of statements for you to ponder.
What qualities, attributes and gifting are required by individual musicians or the singers leading worship?
for your music group.  How do you encourage a Godly stick and carrot?
The congregation
!  Are they turned on by the music group - or do they yearning for their favourite worship leader?
Experiences of God's
tears and laughter!  Thoughts and examples from across the years
Labyrinth: a page on prayer labyrinths and pics of the one at Millside