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An opportunity to explore leadership dynamics to higher levels than just 360° feedback.  As ever, draw what you wish from this page to inspire, enrich and encourage those you delight in; kindly acknowledge THM where appropriate.

This exercise was designed for small but close groups, church councils or fraternals; it may be adapted as needed.  It demands honesty to work at all; if your team or group earnestly seeks to rise above the struggles and mire - often of its own making - and reconnect with its mission, aims and purpose, then grasp and fly.  Be aware, though, that exercises such as this one need to be facilitated by those with higher skills and attributes.

Together, allow and encourage each group member to note one example of how each of the others finds the following (or more) are strengths or weaknesses in their own lives or in their voluntary/church group.  There is no middle ground option; if others are unaware or do not know this about another, the group should only reconvene at such a time when they know the others more closely:

 Honesty More than simple 'Do I/we tell the truth?'  Is that person known for the purity of their heart.  If there's any doubt, record as a weakness
 Power How are others driven by power, glory or selfishness? If the saints are to be led, they need to be led by a sinner who only wishes to be a saint, not a leader.
 Relationships How much does the person build up wise and enabling relationships, delighted to be and work with others because of their gifting rather than their own influence? 
 Integrity More than honesty and any insipid sincerity, how true is their life? To what level do they live out brokenness, compassion and sacrificial love - or are those just three points in the sermon? 
 Money Not simply how wise and generous are they, but how much do they make sure that others are also reimbursed for their contribution (even if they then gift-aid the reimbursement)? 
 Humility How easy is it for them to apologise and turn from their own follies, omissions and failures?  How easy is it for them to justify their course of action?
 Communication On whose shoulders does the responsibility for good communication rest? The leader who blames others for not understanding would be wise to take some of their own medicine.
 Time Are they known for their immediacy of action, or is their reputation that of one who rarely responds or is perennially late?  Loving your enemies includes going the extra mile, not just being punctual.
 Openness How well have they overcome any lingering fears of being found out? Trust is dependent on how much each person wishes to be trustworthy; faithfulness illustrates how much faith they have in you, too.
 Peaceful Is this friend known for the way their lives are at rest during and after times of turmoil as well as exaltation? How much do you yearn for their calm, their sound mind? 
 Deportment More than the lack of haughtiness; do they genuinely and humbly command respect?  How glad is the room when they walk in?  Do they need to open their mouths to preach a sermon? 
 Emulation If there was one person you would emulate, would it be this person? 

The converses work, too; it may be worth asking how much do others desire to see these attributes in me?