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What is the foundation?  Why is it so important?

Take a moment to explore the merits of checking and examining your foundation before starting to build - the wise would hesitate if the foundations were incomplete, or on sand, for example.

This page outlines a dozen foundation stones.  Some of these sugegstions are drawn from the Biblical cornerstone, Jesus, laid by God as the foundation of his family.  The other 'stones' build on that foundation; without one or another, building the superstructure will be difficult or impossible.  With all foundational elements fully utilised, the worship band, choir, or, indeed, the church will flourish.  Some folks try to establish structures without consideration for God's foundation and all that emanates from it, and these edifices tend to glorify the builder or leader rather than Jesus.

Twelve Foundation Stones
Note that these 'stones derive their place on the foundation of Jesus; they are more than the "qualities" or characteristics of the Kingdom, they are more than the gifts or the fruit of the Spirit, they are more than simply saying that the Trinity is the foundation.  Without Jesus, these 'stones' are nothing; they are part of the Christ.  You may prefer to think of these as integral within all that Jesus is.

These elements illustrate the key pillars which keep the Church focused on the Saviour, on Jesus.  Without love we are nothing, yet without Jesus we would struggle to know God's love.  The Bible is God's word - it describes the Saviour's coming and life, it points to the Saviour, yet without the Bible the Church would struggle to know God's wisdom.  Look at the impact if any of these elements were missing from your local fellowship.

Jesus: redeemer, favoured, pure and undefiled Son, closest brother and friend (the cornerstone, the capstone, the only foundation for the Church)
Father: creator, author of all life.  Jesus came that we may know the Father; do we know him personally?
Holy Spirit: empowerer, comforter, revealer, the wind beneath our wings.  What is life like without the power of the Holy Spirit?
Love: both for God and for my neighbour: honouring, blessing, bearing one another's burdens; true servanthood, humility, service, acceptance, welcome
Joy: the deep and delightful assurance of the good news of salvation and all it means here and now in God's kingdom, as well as in heaven
Peace: joy at rest; the overwhelming power of God in control of the wind and waves and everything else around us
Holy Bible: God's big letter of love to his people; the sword of the Spirit
Teachings and inheritance of the apostles and prophets: living trust, living faith, living the truth (rather than just knowing it)
Liturgy: order and purpose in meeting together; the work of the Holy Spirit, bringing order out of chaos.  Sure - many wish that were so!
Fruits of the Spirit: transforming our hearts and minds to live together as God originally intended.
Gifts of the Spirit: to enable the Church to pass on God's Kingdom to all outside the Kingdom
Heavenly authority: releasing and binding on earth as in heaven, building God's kingdom in a fallen world.  The key to letting the Kingdom of Heaven rule on earth.

Standing on the Rock
Nothing can touch you when you're standing on the Rock.  Build on God's sure foundation!