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We're unsure how many worship leaders are in it for the money; indeed some have gone out of their way to make sure men don't profit from their work.  But what motivates your choir, your music group or worship band?

This page includes questions and discussion starters for your group.  You should have already established the goal of the music group - preferably in a previous session or meeting, and most importantly you must make sure it fits perfectly with your church's vision.

If you'd like some help on these sort of discussions, ask your pastor, vicar or leader, or contact THM about a worship workshop.

As well as examining your music groups motives, do also have a look at the congregation.

Inspiration; Roots
First of all, find out how your group feels about "big name" worship leaders:

Which worship leaders are we most impressed with?  Allow the group to give their reasons.  Examples include: The way that leader does it, the songs themselves - and maybe some are simply attracted by the fashion or the show

Spend a while as a group - or in twos and threes - examining these:

Which songs do we like singing best?
Why don’t we like singing some songs?
Which of these (if any) do you major on: Love, Joy or Peace?
From your knowledge (proof, please!) of the congregation, which songs do they like/hate to sing? Why?
What musical styles do you enjoy?
And the
styles that the congregation prefers?
And God’s preference? Some people think God hates repetition in song!
What types of metre and rhythm help the congregation best?
How do we get to find out which songs the congregation prefer?
What about the ones God prefers?!

This may help your group recognise their motivation.  What reasons and drivers are there for singing one song a ten times, or ten songs just once?   Your congregation may only have experienced singing a song through once. They may have a learning gap! But first, why are they content with singing through just once?

What does God expect - just once, or continual repetition?  Discuss our how you can find out what God wants at each time of worship.

How does God sing about us?  (Isaiah 62 v5 and Zephaniah 3 v17)  Encourage each member of your choir, music group or worship band to describe how they responded to hearing God sing over them for the first time; some may not yet have heard God's voice - make sure your discussions are uplifting.  Then take time to pray for that intimacy for your congregation.