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Some of our music and AV services along with a selection of sites from those life-givers amongst us who have far more experience - in no particular order.  An augmented Links page, then.
Get in touch: Three Humps Music, Millside, Horseshoe Road, Spalding PE11 3JA.
Three Humps Music
has various PA and AV bits and peices which are used by church and community groups for events and services.  Sufficient to support a small orchestra or a conference for 500 people, along with music foldback and smaller rigs for group work in separate rooms.  Availability is dependent only on failing health.  No fees, but appropriate donations are welcomed to cover renewals and expenses incurred; find out more on our Contracts and Covenants page.

We're not the first to use a Jew's harp in leading worship; Albrechtsberger was so impressed by the monks leading worship in their Russian monastery that he wrote a concerto for the Jew's harp when he returned to Germany.  Various links: AEIOUWFMU | Shop for Albrechtsberger: Concertos for Jew's Harp & Mandora, UPC: 750582318825 / ASIN: B000028AWR/B000005975 (also available with the part of the Jew's harp palyed by a flute).

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Worship Journal / Worship Journal/Humph: online worship resource - a 'facebook' style website.

Zephaniah Trust with John Froud and friends

Angel Mountain: John & Yelly de Yong

YFriday: rock worship band based in Jarrow, run Worship Academy training courses; this pic from 2005 in Gagniéres, France  

The Steels: nurtured by YFriday; Simon, Matt & Adam were also seen as the session musicians with Rachel (pic, left) supporting Jane Kitson on BBC Songs of Praise in 2007.

Dez Minto and
Broadwater Studios; Jane's brother pictured here playing guitars (!) together in Low Fell

Bryn Haworth, the "musician's musician";  R&B guitarist, master of slide guitar and the mandolin, banjo, steel guitar and many others; one time worship pastor at SW London Vineyard.  Bryn's gifting and humility have inspired musicians and peoples the world over; see also Music in Ministry Trust.

Ian White's music and gifts have been the means of comfort and inspiration to people around the world.  Known at first for his extraordinary Psalms project (70 psalms, almost direct from the NIV, set to contemporary tunes), Ian's music stretches from congregational and children's worship through solos and rap to deeply moving prayer for the downtrodden, and his homeland of Scotland.  Note also Ian's and Bryn's prison ministry.

Noel Paul Stookey: solo albums included Real to Reel with its live rendition of Puff, the magic dragon as well as Turn it over, Psalm 23 and Building Block. Later albums included the Wedding Song.  Paul was one of many praying for Mary Travers (2009); as a band with Peter Yarrow they were highly regarded for the folk rock in the 1960's and beyond.

Stewardship: worship through giving

Charities Trust: part of the old Littlewoods group; payroll giving

Ship of Fools: Mystery Worshippers unite!
Christian Copyright Licensing: 'itinerant' licences also available
Teal Trust: one of the most worthy organisations we've come across.  The Teal Trust website has become a free on-line college for students, pastors and church leaders across the world.  Many on-line tools and much more to help a new pastor run an efficient and progressive church.  Inspirational outlook, worthy content.
Father's House Trust: Rev Dr Mark Stibbe and team re-establishing the Father's heart and our relationship with God as the essential foundation of society.
St Alban's Vineyard, one of the first Vineyard churches in Britain, inspires and works with the many Christians in the area and across the world to gather in God's people, nurture them with his love and gifts, and give away the blessings. Plus John & Carol Wimber on Youtube.

Strandown Baptist Church, Belfast: another highly professionally produced website.  The church has a full programme - all documented, along with church constitution, and a packed Links page covering daily bible study through UK Christian Sign Language to the Gospel Communications Network, along with associated church websites.  Supplier of our logo!

UK Ménière's Society: we have a close affinity with those who persevere with affliction, including Ménière's Syndrome. See also: US Ménière's website

Deutsche Bahn AG - German Railways website providing up to date train times across Europe - try your nearest station to Portmadog via Llandudno Junction. National Rail's version for the UK.

009 Society - a small failing (!) along with RocoPeco, Totally and Parkside Dundas