Contracts and Covenants

Three Humps Music (THM) has been privileged to serve church and community down the years.

THM has various PA and AV bits and pieces which are used for events and services.  There's sufficient sound equipment to support a small orchestra or a conference for 500 people, along with music foldback and smaller rigs for group work in separate rooms.  Our support is dependent only on failing health and available equipment.

We've outlined what we charge you for when you invite us to support you, outlining where we seek reimbursement for expenses incurred.  We've also listed what we reasonably expect of you when you serve us.  Contact us for more - we'd be delighted to help.

Where we provide service

As a not-for profit organisation, we're committed to supporting you. Please let us know how else we can serve you beyond:

 Accepting your verbal instructions and responding immediately whenever appropriate; our motto might be 'Do it now'
♦ Being open and honest in our dealings, quotations and accounts; accordingly we prefer to establish the real needs
 Passing on charges to you for supplier's time and costs where you agree to other professionals being engaged
Note that some members of THM offer their services free of charge and only accept reimbursement of expenses, as below
 We accept reimbursement to cover: *incurred costs, *travel, *breakages, *licences and *renewal/wear and tear.
♦ As we respect and freely serve you, we thank you for not making unreasonable demands on us
♦ Much of our work is for charitable groups; we are usually more than ready to offer a gift-aided donation to your cause in appropriate response to the work and our support.
Where others serve us

Please discuss with us any concerns you would have with these reasonable expectations we would have of you:

 We trust that you will do what you say to fully meet our requirements; we welcome honesty in all dealings
 When you provide a quotation, we expect you to provide the service or equipment for that fee.  Any variation must be agreed in advance of any changes to the work or contract
 We will accept your quotation as complete where it meets our specification, even if you omit to provide a full breakdown
 Where you are unable to fulfill your contract, we reserve the right to withhold payment until the work or service has been completed to our satisfaction
♦ We welcome your promise to deliver on time and to your high standards; we hold you responsible for any shortfall
♦ We delight in honouring good work; please let us know how we can support your nominated, registered UK charity.